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Make lands available on Ethereum as ETH NFT#562


Splinterlands has several assets worth more than $10k, like tracts or regions. They are currently only available on Hive or Wax, but not ETH.

Ethereum NFT volume and exposure is unmatched and the chain enables several innovative features (NFT fractionalized ownership with NFTFI, lending ETH or DAI against NFT with NFTFI).

It is also way cheaper than Wax for large deals, even after miners fees. Example: for the region sold on AtomicHub (AH) at $700k, the seller pays $14k to AH, $14k for the wax tokenomics fees and $35k to Splinterlands. If the trade were done on OpenSea (OS), the same trade cost round $50-$100 for the transaction, $17.5k for OS and $35k to SPL if they keep the same fee. That’s a $10k difference.

Splinterlands has done some of the work: it has an official collection on OpenSea and built a bridge for cards. Take to bring lands, titles and other items!

2 years ago

I feel like I should create 100 accounts to vote for this

2 years ago

I’d love for us to get ethereum exposure. Not only for the capital but the networking effects and exposure!

2 years ago

Full agreement, the exposure of larger ticket NFTs such as lands to the ETH ecosystem is crucial for growth and adoption.

2 years ago

Great idea more exposure and more marketplaces to bring more to the merch community

2 years ago

ETH fees are too high until ETH2. Please, please, PLEASE use a level 2 ETH solution like POLYGON (where all the ETH NFT games are moving to). OpenSea supposrts Polygon.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Not Planned Yet
4 months ago