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Tournament structure revamp#532



I am an active player on splinterlands and i am competitive in the current system. I play under the name han2jackal. I have been playing tournaments competitively in many different games and i have a side business hosting poker tournaments. Here are my 2 cents to improve the tournament structure of splinterlands :

Problems :

1)High sps requirement prohibits a lot of new players to join tournaments and they cannot even rent cards to take a shot.

2)Certain tournaments such as gold foil diamond has too high CP requirements. Having 7 million CP is too expensive to rent and the prize pay out is not worth it, it is too small reward in relation to the risk.

3)At the same time, it is impossible to make big tournaments with current structure where you need SPS staked. Imagine if you want to make a 1 million usd tourney, it will need someone to have a very high amount of sps staked, so it will drastically reduce number of participants and interest. New players have no way to progress and earn their way up.

Solutions :

1)Revamp tournaments to a “guaranteed prize pool” structure. For example, tournament for bronze league has a USD 1000 prize pool and 1 dollar entry fee. If 2000 ppl join, the prize goes up to 2000 usd and pay out will be adjusted accordingly. But if only 500 people join, prize pool is still 1000. Prizes should be top heavy (first place wins 25 % or so), and around top 20 % doubles their buy in. Developer risk losing a little if the guarantee is set too high, but they can take a rake off each ticket purchased to reduce that risk. Once game gains enough player base, it will turn to profit.

2)Remove or drastically reduce SPS requirements to join tournaments. Instead, give sps another use. For example, a player can choose to join tourney and sell shares of his entry fee (he can add mark up for his time/skill). So people can use SPS and stake him and get a chance to win a share of prize that player wins. This way people can also participate in the action without owning a deck and up to his budget. Players can also take a shot in big entry fee and big prize tourney when the ticket is being shared by few.

3) CP requirements are not really needed, it is better to increase the entry fee and make most of it go into the prize pool.That way, if someone wants to use a sub par deck (low cp) then average, he is reducing his own chance to win. It is also possible to do very well with a cheap deck if you have the right skill set, and i believe that should be left to the player to decide. Renting and bankroll management should be a player strategy.

4)There should be many buy in for different budgets and the guarantee to match. Example : 1 USD tourney with 5000 usd prize pool (big field tourney with lots of rounds and chance to win big with small buy in, just more work) / 15 usd 5000 prize pool (smaller player field,less work higher chance of winning but more expensive buy in) / 100 usd with 100 k guaranteed / 10 usd for 100 k /500 usd for 1 million ..etc, There need to be tournaments daily especially knock out tournaments.

4)Very big tournaments need to run weekly/monthly/ to motivate people to invest in a deck/rent. It needs to be a life changing amount which people dream to win and is willing to train hard to eventually win it. Think of it like WSOP in poker or The International in DOTA 2. These should probably be a knock out tournament instead of Anytime, then it can be streamed and it will be more exciting. Some luck is also involved here since you can be knocked out early if you get paired with a strong player even though you are strong yourself. And a weak player has a bit of a chance since he can be paired with other weak players ..etc

I believe these simple changes will improve card value, rental market, make game more exciting for new and veterans,give more content to streamers,make sps more interactive and is also an additional income stream for the developers.

Thanks for reading =)

13 days ago

Modern League tournaments should also include Chao Legion Cards. The Silver and up Leagues currently exclude CL even though they would be in modern.

10 days ago

Modern league tournaments do include chaos legion cards already

8 days ago