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Tournament planning - Vouchers for Access Proposal#531


Introducing Vouchers as an extra tournament fee to surpass Sps staking requirements could bring the tournament experience to every player in Splinterlands.
Vouchers are the direct product from staking Sps, providing new usage for vouchers could increase demand on this token and incentivate staking among new players.

Requirements for tournaments could remain the same for the players that can meet them, and adding a certain amount of Sps staking value to each voucher on the fees would make every single player a potential player for any tournaments as cards can be rented and sps staking requirements could be surpassed with vouchers to match our current Sps staking amount with the required one.

Players that can meet requirements also benefit from vouchers being used as they get more potential stacks in the tournament and their own Sps staking gets benefited from vouchers being used as it makes their tokens gain value.

Not everyone can stake 5000 Sps one day to another, but everyone can obtain a couple vouchers from their own staking or buy them to try winning a tournament.

I believe tournaments should be a more inclusive experience as they will be the core of the e-sports competitions in the future.
Restricting their participation is not making them attractive so far, this could be due to some other reasons as well, but definitely making tournaments a real option for every player in the game could take the game to another level.

Thank you! I hope you like the proposal, far from wanting to criticize i’d like this initiative to be constructive, we all want tournaments to be great!

13 days ago