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Instead of CP requirements for tournaments, require ranked play to that level#529

The biggest advantage to this is that people who don’t contribute to the game by not playing ranked with all their alts won’t be able to have multiple entries into tournaments unless they start.

Note: Level considered should be the highest reached in either the current season or the last season.

Note 2: Requiring level 2 for lower level leagues might be necessary to cut down on bots

13 days ago

This will have no effect at all in the current system. Its hard to even find an unranked player in tournaments. And right now there even are some similar limitations. For a silver tournament only bronze/silver/gold players can enter for cheap. Same for bronze and novice.

13 days ago

Actually, it will have a huge effect upon the current system in two different ways:

  1. The collection power requirements for tournaments are way above the requirements for the same league in ranked play. They should be the same so more people can play. If they are competitive in ranked, they will be competitive in the tournament.
  2. This should also cut down on double-dipping unless those players spend the time to climb the ranked ladder (which most do not). Check out the leagues of those who enter the high level gold tournaments where league rank is not checked.
13 days ago