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Custom Challenges/Battles for Testing Strategies#368

You wanna test a low mana Life deck that uses Magic and Ranged units against a specialized Death deck to see if you can counter it with your guild mates or a buddy on discord.

First battle: 99 mana no life or death
Second battle: lost Magic
third battle: No ranged
Fourth battle: Life, low mana, no Death.
Fifth battle:No Life
Sixth Battle: Like 12 mana and too low.

100 Battles and 2 hours later and you’re still trying to test your one plan, and honestly it’s not even worth it anymore because it’s just DETERMINED to not let you ever play what you want.

Can we pleaseeee get an option to do a custom battle, where we can choose Splinters, Mana, and Splinters?

2 years ago

This idea was discussed on the Town Hall by the team:

a year ago
Merged Customizable Challenges.#402
a year ago
Changed the status to
Not Planned Yet
5 months ago