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Djinn Renova stats#191


Please check and change the Djinn Renova stats. It is probably the only epic card that has the same stats on the 4th and 5th level.
Maybe add magic reflect or void or something on the 5th level.
Was mentioned in the 19th Dec Town hall. Please don’t forget to look into this. It devalvates the card’s value.


10 days ago

upvoted, although void or reflect might be pushing it. I’d say just tweak one of the stats.. balancing is hard though but this shouldn’t have happened in the first place

10 days ago

Sure, that was just an example. Maybe 1 health more or something. Something useful but not OP

9 days ago

Upvoted. I also added Suggestion #208 which also addresses the same problem with Barking Spider.

8 days ago