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Estbalish a fine for early rental cancelations (both sides)#188


The proposal is straightfoward: the party (renter or owner) that cancels a rental contract has to pay a fine to the other side. This would be an incentive for contracts to be respected, particularly closer to season end.

Example of rule and numerical example: The fine could either be proportional to the value left in the contract or to the current rental value of the card being rented. Example: a three-day contract with a rent of 3 DEC/day that is canceled by the reter on day one (before 24h) has a value left of 6 DEC and the the fine paid by renter to owner could be e.g. 20% of this left value: 1.20DEC). Or the same card is currently being rented for 6 DEC/day and the owner cancels on the first day: the fine paid by the owber to the renter could be e.g. 20% of the market value multiplied by the number of days left in the contract: 20% of 6 x 2 = 2.4 DEC. The rule could be either of these two, a mixture of both or something else.

11 days ago