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Card Pocket System#186


When I took a look at the leaderboards. The top bronze player was basically geared up for gold. Way I see it, It’s pretty much the same in silver. The top dog was a washed up diamond leaguer. It’s like if this was boxing, we basically have a 300 pound slugger as featherweight champion.
The solution I had in mind was a sort of “pocket” system. Everyone has a storage or vault or pocket for cards. Cards can be taken in and out of storage. All new cards go into the storage by default and cannot be used unless taken out. Cards that are taken out of pocket becomes “active” and available to use in battle. Rentals are automatically active and cannot be put into the pocket.
The total cp of active cards will determine which league a player will be playing in. It’s like if you wanna play heavyweight division, make the weigh-in. You wanna play the lightweight division, drop some weights.
I realize, of course, that it might not exactly be easy to implement such a system. Not to mention the hate it’s gonna get from those who are enjoying the farming system currently in place.

11 days ago

The game already ‘drops the weights’ automatically. If a diamond, gold or silver deck battles in bronze, the cards ‘adjust’ and the deck is capped with bronze limits. Just because somene has a gold level deck doesn’t mean they should be forced to play in gold… if they are more comfortable in bronze league that’s cool! Their deck will adjust (check their battle hisory to confirm). They are on equal footing using the same tools available to anyone else in bronze.

10 days ago

I see. So this is why the current top in bronze has a power of 47k+ (last season the top had like 100k+ power iirc) and it looks like this player maybe got all the legendaries, maybe all the cards even. Everything one could ever need. Of course they don’t go beyond level 3. According to league info, 15k gets to silver. But why go to silver or gold when those are dominated by even bigger fish as well?
And yes, of course all these are available to anyone else in bronze… as long as they have the money for it. Don’t worry. I get it. It’s a money business.
But I stand by my comparison. 300 pound slugger as featherweight champion. 100k+ power reigning over 1k-5k ants. (and they talk all day about encouraging players to move up. lol) However, if the dev team believes that’s fair, sure, it’s their game. Who am I to argue? Besides, I see atm this suggestion already got 3 haters. Democracy has spoken, I suppose.

10 days ago

collection power is not a great metric to look at if you want to measure the strength of a deck. Someone with a bronze level deck (level 2 rare summoners and monsters leveled up accordingly) that has a lot of gold foil cards, has a way higher CP than someone without gold foil cards.
The fact that his CP is higher doesn’t mean he has a stronger deck, though.

If he would move to silver, he’d get matched with people who have rare summoners capped at level 4, and he stands no chance.

Same for someone who has a bronze level deck, but has rented (or owns) 2 gold foil legendary cards. he has at least 100k power, but still, his deck is only bronze level. It makes no sense to make him move up to silver with bronze level cards.

People need to step away from looking at collection power. Look at the level of the summoners instead.

10 days ago

All the more reason to choose wisely which cards to put into one’s deck.
But yeah. Sure, okay :)

10 days ago

Play to earn… like anything yes, the more you invest the more you can earn. Or you can work your way up slowly by playing and earning and re-investing what you win back into the game. And again, what’s important here is that when a player plays in Bronze, regardless the MAX level of their deck, that player plays their cards with bronze level caps. So the palying field is level in that regard. If I have a gold level deck and suck in gold, why should I not be allowed to play my deck at a lower level where I might play better with the same level caps as anyone else in that level? It’s actually a very cool and fair feature that one’s cards scale down like that!

9 days ago