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Review daily loot chests#175

When I complete the daily loot chests many times I can’t open the chests, because nothing coming up and I receive a transaction error. Please include the possibility to review the earned daily loot chests the same way as the season reward loot chests. So if any error happens I can still open (view) the packs manually.

12 days ago

you can see the daily loot from peakmonsters and if for some reason they didn’t catch it - hiveblocks

11 days ago

No reason this shouldn’t also be within game.

9 days ago

Plus I lose the excitement of opening my boxes manually, rather than just to see on peakmonster.

4 days ago

You can already view the last claimed rewards in-game. This feature was added a few seasons ago, after all the constant server issues when claiming end of season rewards. The only thing you will need to do, is refresh your screen so it is updated.

3 days ago

I can only see the last season rewards, not the daily ones.

3 days ago