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Purchase Wild or Modern Energy#1567

Have the ability to purchase Wild OR Modern energy based on the league cap of either mode. This energy would be “locked” to it’s associated mode ie. Modern energy not usable in Wild and vice versa.

Problem Example: Wild account sitting in Champ, Modern in bronze.
With the Wild side of an account based on Champ, energy is 500 DEC per energy unit regardless of which mode (Wild/Modern) it’s used in.
500 DEC per energy top up in Champ is fine, 500 DEC per energy top up in Bronze/Silver/Gold etc is hard to justify.

This would:

  • give players the ability/option to get both modes as high as possible by using
    a league specific amount of DEC
  • add to game liquidity/overall games being played per day
  • add another DEC burn mechanism.
4 months ago