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Dusting system#1562



Writing this as I have had this idea for a while now. Popular games such as HearthStone, Pokemon TCG Live, and Yu-gi-oh Master Duel. Have dusting systems that allow you to turn your cards into new cards. We have something entirely different in Splinterlands where we have 100% ownership over our cards. Meaning if we want to trade up some card(s). We have the full control over that. But I am thinking that there is something that we can do that is similar that may result in us having a way to consistently have some sink of cards. Here are some of my thoughts on how a dusting system can be introduced into Splinterlands and how both sides of the user and the company can benefit from this.

To be blunt, there are too many cards for the current user base. And we should have something that we can do to control this supply every year or every main set release. With so many cards, there is no real value to cards and with unkown value of soulbound cards we are not sure what the market will look like when even more cards are introduced into the ecosystem.

Potential Solution:
We cannot have a traditional dust system like Hearthstone, Pokemon, or Yu-gi-oh. But what if we had a promo card that is available every year. We would have one for each rarity. Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. And you have to introduce power into minting the card. I’ll leave some rough examples below.

Common => 25 power
Rare => 100 power
Epic => 500 Power
Legendary => 2500 power

So, using this outline above. I would throughout the year have the oppurtunity to mint a promo for the or any specific amount of time. But I have to burn 5 common bcx in order to mint a common promo card. 20 bcx commons for a rare promo card or 5 rare bcx, 100 bcx commons for an epic promo card, or 25 rare bcx, or 5 bcx. And lastly 500 common bcx for a legendary promo card, or 125 rare bcx, or 25 epic bcx, or 5 legendary bcx to mint this. These are some rough thoughts and ideas that I am just ensuring to write down. These numbers may not be ideal and we have to consider how this may impact land. But you have a way a period of time to trade up your cards if you so wish to.

What does Splinterlands get out of this?
The idea behind this is that Splinterlands cannot do this for free. It would be an impossible thing to ask for. In my opinion the burned DEC should go to Splinterlands directly. So, that these promos generate value to the company and they can do with the DEC as they wish or need.

This will mint a lot of DEC?
It won’t mint more DEC than what is currently possible if we burn all the available cards. Too many cards I feel is a bigger issue than total DEC that is currently available. 1c bcx cards in the millions is too large for the current player base even with land in the future picture.

7 months ago

sounds cool, but there are markets to buy what you want already. the value is determined by what you want to sell vs buy.

I do like burning cards atm though

7 months ago
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Under Consideration
4 months ago