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Allow to stop combining rewardcards if you have already a max-level-card#1560

Since I have the first of the soulbound-reward-cards at max-level their com a new problem:
Also if I have already a max-level-card when using the “+” at top to combine splinterlands combine the card further, but this is (at least for me) undesired.
I want keep the card above max-level as single copies and don’t want that they will be combined further, so f.e. instead 1 Max-Level-Card + a 20 BCX-card I want have 1 Max-Level-Card + 20 BCX-1-cards but I also don’t want to look for every card seperately, so please stop combining when a max-level-card already exist or at least give the player the choice in settings if he want this or not.
Thank you !

9 months ago