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Increase the minimum requirement for Tier 5 to 6 guilds#1556

Increase the minimum requirement for Tier 5 from 2 guilds to 6 guilds.

In the moment brawls in Tier 5 will be played with 2 guilds (this is the standard since some weeks), I cannot imagine that it was the intension to have brawls with only 2 guilds, so please change the minimum guilds for a brawl from 2 to 6 guilds.
If it will be 2-5 guilds than it should be dealt in the same way like at the moment with only one guild in the tier.

If in the future we will meet a situation where exactly 11 guilds take part in a brawl we could play two brawls, one with 6 guilds and one with 5 guilds or it could be implemented that in this case a group of 11 guilds will play - In every case it would be not a case for the minimum as in the Tier would be 11 guilds in this case.

6 months ago