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Add more low level cards with the Giant Killer and/or Death Blow abilities.#1554

Have some more low level cards with the Giantslayer and Deathblow abilities.

Below silver league there is not a single card with deathblow and just a singular card with giant killer in the fire splinter, none in dragon or neutral and obviously the fire splinter isn’t always active.

That makes stuff like Llama Kron and certain Bloodlust cards like Quora - even without Martyr cards to buff them even more - wickedly OP in novice and bronze.

In addition to the new stale & monotonous bloodlust/martyr meta that makes for a very poor new player experience, though new players seem essential to the continuity of the game, which may be better classified as a gamified DeFi protocol if this doesn’t get fixed.

6 months ago

Main point I believe, is that there is a daily quest for these abilities.

I Auto-reroll this quest for me, especially at bronze and silver.

4 months ago