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NFT cards Defi integration idea.#1534


Hello, maybe this is annoying but I’m giving ideas about the possibility to monetize splinterlands nft with defi integration. I mean, a platform where players able to lend or borrow using splinterlands nft cards as collateral. Its concept is like NFTfi ( but for Splinterlands user base. This way our cards have more useful usecase beyond gaming. New players is encourage to buy cards from splinterlands market. We understand that the entry barrier to play splinterlands is the cost. Small acnt player maybe discouraged buying new card against the big player. But if the cards as an nft has defi value, even small acnt is willing to invest and buy cards. The company also generate revenue from cards lending fee. I don’t know if this make sense but its a thought of the day.😂

a year ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Complete
a year ago