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"Right to refuse service" give us filters to block bot farms from renting our cards#1532

If I own a business and a person comes on to the property and seeks to destructively harm my customers I have a right to call the authorities to remove this person from the property and refuse them service. If they are not wearing clothes or are doing strange things to disrupt the peace I can refuse service and alert the police. This is how it works in real life but in Splinterlands we are in La La land where the criminals have all the same rights and access to the game as we the real players do under the heading of “decentralization.”

If you really beleive that I own these game assets and I have authority over my own assets then I request that you give us the right to refuse service to bot farms.
I want filters that block bot farms from renting my cards.

I want the following filters:
1) Do not rent to accounts with less than X amount of SPS staked
2) Do not rent to accounts with X+% of rewards cards
3) Do not rent to the following account names (let a community member that is good at identifying bot farms keep up the list that way Splinterlands team is not involved at all in any way)
4) Do not rent to known bot token holder accounts

I am willing to spend the DEC on this as a proposal

a year ago


a year ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Complete
a year ago