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Use holidays to introduce human factors that are anti-bot. Example - The Holiday summoner#1531

There are 2 purposes behind this suggestion:

1) All of the large online games celebrate the holidays in various ways. Splinterlands mostly does not. Let’s change that but with our own flavor - Praetoria Holidays.

2) Combatting bots by introducing randomity into the game that is acceptable to humans but throws off the bots as the bot programmers rely on battle analytics.

Example 1) Next week, Friday until Wednesday there is a double moon for Praetoria. A number of animal based melee cards will get double strike and certain ranged cards will get true strike. Don’t release the list of cards that will be affected as the bot programmers are listening, make the players figure it out.

Example 2) The holiday summoner. Let’s say there is some holiday on Praetoria that honors the dead. Boogeyman becomes unplayable as a figher card and becomes a summoner with the nerfs/buffs depending on if you have the card and what level it is at.

Use Holidays to introduce a human factor and constantly keep the bot programmers uninformed and misinformed. Do not give out any information as to the upcoming changes other than there is a holiday and cards will be affected.

10 months ago

yes please! or add wild cards into modern for a season at a time to encourage rentals of wild cards.

4 months ago