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Allow users to view/change card setup while waiting for an opponent to start#1523


After you have submitted your cards/team, you are frequently waiting (sometimes for a while) for your opponent to sumbit their team.

If you are the first to sumbit your team, instead of the current “waiting” window, I think it would be great if you could be allowed to go back to your cards so you may view them, and even re-submit your team (if you can do so quick enough!).

  • If the opponent sumbits their team while you are making revisions, then the battle would start as normal (you were too slow to update you team)
  • If you have made a revision and re-submitted before the opponent sumbits their team, then your team is updated to that latest revision
  • If the timer runs out without the opponent sumbitting their team, you win as you would now (using the last team setup you successfully submitted)

I think this would be greatly appreciated by users, puls it also would make the constant “waiting for opponent” a lot less boring (because instead of just waiting, can at least you can view your team, check out the rest of your in-play deck, etc - even if you don’t want to revise the team)

a year ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Complete
9 months ago

or have an option: watch an advertisement for 50 DEC/credits to only use for rentals

4 months ago