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Show price-to-max cards in market view + more visibility to maxed cards for sale#1518

This is particularly needed for older edition cards. I explain what I mean with an example: the “estimate value” given by spl website for PEACEFUL GIANT is $261.08 right now. But if I go up to the market and want to max that card it will cost me $591.

While for in-printing cards I agree that the “estimate value” showed is a good estimate of the current value of the card, for older edition cards it highly underestimate them.

Infact something that is happening is that maxed level cards of older editions are no longer listed at market at lowest price possible. So something useful would be make some sort of filter in the market page to get rid of all low level spam cheaper cards.

This will be particularly needed when land will occur and people will start to look out for maxed cards more then ever before.

a year ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
9 months ago