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SPS battle rewards need to be simplified#1517


The current system is so counter intuitive. Currently, bronze 1 pays 5X what silver 3 pays in modern. This shows that people are progressing to silver out of bronze which is good for the game in general as it opens up higher level cards to play and means people will buy or rent more cards from the market to compete…

I like that we’re reworking the energy system and moving to a more simplified model. Makes so much more sense and I think the same could be done for battle rewards now that we have deminished rewards for ghost cards.

If earning in bronze exceeds earning in silver, then a portion of the bronze rewards
for the next daily distribution should be shifted to the silver pool to level out the progression.

The same could be done with modern/wild as wild already gets a lot of bonuses due to the use of alpha and beta cards that aren’t gained in modern.

a year ago

What data are you using to say bronze 1 pays more than silver 3? Silver should already pay more than bronze, so I am curious to see your data and examples.

a year ago
? bronze pay more than silver often just watch pools

a year ago


10 months ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Complete
9 months ago