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Game is biased towards renters#1516

I am getting sick and tired of low mana, nerfed summoners, and no abilities matches. For long term players such as myself with a large card deck I find it hard enough sometimes trying to work myself up to a decent league before the season ends, and these things which appear way way too often only make it harder. The only players they benefit are the renters and players with minimal card sets. I wouldnt mind so much if there was a balance but the matches are too often low mana and at least 1 if not both of the other 2 nerfs mentioned above. I dont mind new game implimentations but rarely do I see a match with a 60 mana or above that allows me to play my cards. Like all other popular games in the past, if these things arent rectified I see this game going the way of vapeware too. Fix it.

17 days ago

Did you see the post they released where they explained how match mana is determined now and capped based on the league you’re in? Not sure how you’re relating this to being biased towards renters though. And you’re unclear if you mean people renting their cards out or people who rent cards from the market.

15 days ago

The average mana limit per match is pretty much unchanged regardless if I am in silver or diamond league. The mana caps are commonly less than 20 with abilities and summoners nerfed. Makes for very boring games but also IMO favours those with fewer/low level cards than those with large or stacked decks.

15 days ago