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PLEASE provide actual tax forms instead of transaction history#1508

Kindly see the attached image where I am talking to an actual turbo tax representative about whether or not we can use the transaction history forms that the platform provides.

Kindly note that this turbo tax service costs $367 and I could have done my taxes on my own if Splinterlands provided actual forms.

I go through this every year during tax season.

We have multiple tax representatives working together and we are STILL having trouble doing the taxes.

Please give us actual tax forms with losses and gains. We can’t actually use what you give us for taxes in the US.

It would be even more amazing if your forms were in th universal format where they could be uploaded to turbo tax or really any tax platform.

Thank you so much.

2 months ago

that mean they have to disclose theyre own taxes and that not going to happen LOL

a month ago