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Rulesets adjustments#1507


categorize all rulesets into 2 categories, Additive, and Subtractive.

Additive rulesets add abilities or options to the battle like super sneak or armored up.

Subtractive rulesets limit the cards you can play in some way or remove abilities from the battle like even stevens, broken arrows etc.

Then when the game picks the rulesets, limit the subtravtive rulesets to only 1.

I can only speak to modern as that is what I play but It’s so annoying to have rulesets that just limit your options to a few (sometimes like 5) cards.

Also, adjust the 3 rulesets to be less frequent at diamond? Like 10/40/50? 1/2/3

a year ago

That’s a good point, this problem is even worse in gold foil brawls.

a year ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
a year ago