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Battlepass Reward Card#1492


For one of the rewards for a battlepass one should be able to progress throught the stages of a battle pass with and end goal of getting a tradable NFT.

As you reach milestones the tradable NFTs level increases and by completing all stages you can obtain a max level. This will be limited to one per account with a battle pass and awarded upon completion of all stages OR at the end of the battle passes season.

If the battle pass has a free version with an upgradable paid version that increases rewards along the way, like some games, then maybe have a free version card and a permium version card. 2 seperate cards so that only the people who paid for a battle pass can get the premium versions NFT. Also should make it so that a massive bot farm is unable to complete some steps in the battlepass so a bot farm can’t just farm these rewards cards. Some examples that may be more difficult for a bot:

Join the official discord
Comment on a lore youtube video with your IGN
Participate in a brawl
Participate in the guild chat
Donate X DEC to a guild building
Put a non reward card up for rent
Buy a pack
Open a pack
Transfer SPS to and from hive engine
Participate in a tourney
Place in the top 20% of a tourney
Buy credits
Complete KYC
Progress to silver, gold, diamond, champ leagues
Combine a non rewards card to level 2, 3, 4 etc
Buy a card off the market

An account may not have to complete ALL of these but it should be set up so every quest completed gives points towards leveling up in the battle pass and someone would need to complete the vast majority of these each battle pass season to get a max level NFT. Award extra points for the things like KYC or buying packs to encourage the aspects of the game that the company needs to push without making it manditory.

I’m super bullish on splinterlands. I went through a period where I was losing faith in the game as it seems to be heading in the direction of just being a money sink with out any major progress in the game itself but I’m excited about the future if we can fix the new player experience and roll out land!


a year ago

yeah let’s do battle passes and milk more money from players without fixing any of the problems driving human players away

a year ago