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Postpone Rebellion till 2024#1487


Postpone Rebellion till 2024 and allow card price stability

18 days ago

So the company that needs money should stop selling their products? That doesn’t seem to make sense. Prices are pretty stable right now, just not selling many new packs. People complain when cards are cheap, complain when cards are expensive.

They will slowly burn the CL packs and when they are gone, if they can fix the GAME and not worry about the econ as much, the price of cards will fix themselves.

People don’t get into MTG thinking, “Man, if I spend 2k on MTG cards, in a few years I can sell those for 10k!” You play a game to have fun and if it’s fun then you’re willing to spend money on it.

They should try advertizing on Super Auto Pets when they get land out. That would be a good community to bring into the GAME also.

14 days ago

I don’t fully agree. I agree that they should not stop selling their products. Which is why I believe they should not do Chaos legion burn and just postpone Rebellion. Most of the people who have stayed during this downtrend are Investor + gamer types not pure gamers. They were doing well on CL and it was on the way to being sold out till they decided to release so much in a short period. I personally enjoy the game while accumulating and thinking it will bear fruit in the long run. People who are naturally attracted to this space will not join if their supposed assets are expected to drop significantly every year instead of at least holding ground. Right now I can say that moving Rebellion sale is a good move unless bullrun happens in a few months which is very unlikely. They should focus on selling the current cards on the market and developing the running products already started. If land will become very succesfull as intended card sink then yeah no problem on releasing Rebellion right after. A lot of people will further be dumping their CL in a year if rebellion releases early 2023 without market catalyst cause their mantra of long term investing on assets no longer hold ground. I just hope whatever decision SPL makes will just be good for the majority.

10 days ago