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Increase DEC spent on guilds by introducing new guild mechanics#1485

We get SPS rewards from brawls. How many people invest that money back to the guild? What if it makes more sense to invest that money back into the guild to burn more DEC? Then we will burn more DEC for guilds.

I thought about new guild mechanics to burn more DEC to bring it back to peg.

  1. A new guild building that is attractive and worth leveling up.
    Building benefit can be anything as long as it benefits players in brawls enough.
  2. Add and increase chance to get gladious packs from root chests (reducing the % of getting potions
  3. Your guild start getting random one time buff item that you can use in bralws. I was thinking of stats buff like +1 hp, +1 melee, +1 available mana etc
  4. higher chance to get higher rarity gladious cards

  5. Letting players buy crowns by DEC in a limited time.
    Since earning crowns takes time, being able to buy them with DEC sounds attractive. It can’t be too cheap to balance the game. So what about $1 worth of DEC = 1 merit? If 1000 guilds spend $10 to buy DEC, that’s $100k to burn DEC. It’s like 150 million DEC to burn with the DEC price at .00066.

  6. Letting players buy merits with DEC.
    The price has to make sense but it’ll help the DEC burn.

  7. Add one time buff item for guild bralws that you can buy with DEC.
    Stats buff like +1 hp, +1 melee, +1 available mana etc..
    This will encourage players to invest money they earned from brawls back to the guild. That’s how it should be rather than 99% goes into their pocket.

  8. Make it much easier to donate DEC into the guild!!
    Introduce a system which you can donate % of your earnings into the guild. The game should automatically convert SPS earned from the game into DEC and donate the DEC to the guild.

The most important key point here is that players should want to invest SPS earned from the game back to the guild. (Convert SPS they earned into DEC and spend on guilds to burn more DEC)

19 days ago

I kinda like the cheap dec but thats my investor hat lol , what ever makes the company stay in good health bc i own stock as well and al ot of cards. Waht if dec coudl be locked up in a bond to buy land likke a mortgage

18 days ago