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Please FIX the Bugs when cards that give buffs die.#1480


Why are there so many bugs involving the death of cards that gives buffs?

Everyone probably already knows the bug when a card with strengthen (e.g. Renova) dies then gets resurrected. This results to its teammates getting additional 1 health once Renova gets resu’d. It’s perfectly fine if everyone lost 1 health when Renova momentarily died, but we all know only cards with full lives lose 1 health.

And of course the stupid worst case scenario involving Blast, where Renova and a nearby ally dies, then Renova gets resu’d, the nearby ally who has ZERO health gets additional 1 health so basically a 2-for-1 resu.

Same happens with rust.

But I’ve recently just seen the bug when a card with Swiftness dies.

I had Supply Runner + Lurker, so Lurker has +1 speed from Swiftness.

Now Lurker gets dispelled so it loses the +1 speed and of course the “swiftness buff icon” at the top of the card is also gone.

But when Supply Runner dies, Lurker loses another speed.

Why would he lose another speed when he already lost that because of the dispel?

He doesn’t have the swiftness buff icon anymore so why would he still lose the speed?

So the game doesn’t even check if the card has the “buff” before reducing it’s speed?

23 days ago


3 hours ago