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DAO Proposal for 3rd party data collection by Cdr. Chaos#1418


Hello Everyone.
My name is @chaoscommander

I have been collecting data from splinterlands for the community for awhile now.
If you would like to view this data it is available here on my website.

I believe that 3rd party data collection and analysis is important to the community.
It allows us to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

I have been renting a virtual private server to collect data at a cost of $51 a month.
I am utilizing 100% of this server for data collection and am running into a few issues.

1.) Limited hard drive space.
2.) Limited CPU power.

These issues can be overcome by paying for a higher level of vitual server, however I believe that a better option is to build a server specificly for data collection and run it myself. (more on renting below)

To that end I would like to ask for your help.

I would like the DAO to fund the build and upkeep of a purpose built data collection server.

Here is what I have in mind.

Server Build (Approx Cost $7300)
HP Proliant DL380 G10
2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8160
19.2TB Raid Storage P816i-a
3.0TB FUSION IO Drive (already have)

This build is 3x faster than my current setup and will allow for growth over time
(like data collection on the MLS, TD, or WMG game)

Additionally to provide a steady income stream for upkeep I would like another $2000 (or current market price at time of proposal) to purchase a node.
The assets produced by the node would offset the cost of electricity, drive replacements, future upgrades, and to pay me for my time spent writing code.

This brings my ask to a total of $9300 USD
Yeah servers are expensive.

I have looked into renting a more powerful VPS however the cost to rent one of this caliber would be $400 a month or more. This would not only cost the DAO more but I would not be paid for any of my work. This is why I have written the proposal the way I have. It also means that if things are going well after two years I may choose to continue without putting in another DAO request.

One way to think of it is that the DAO would be prepaying me to work 730 hours at $12.74 an hour over the course of 2 years. (with most of the money going towards hardware and upkeep)

So what does the community get for this you might ask?

At least 1hr a day (avg) of my time to work on reports for a period of 2 years. Minimum (730 hrs) Will likely be more as this is fun for me.
More data to help make informed decisions
Faster loading times for reports
More reports (due to increased hard drive space, more compute power, faster query times)
Better Webpage (working on developing my own instead of using retool)
Access to data that would otherwise require programming knowledge to retrieve
Ability to download raw data
Monthly stream to go over data, status of the game, answer questions, and take feedback.
Voting on data gathering ( similar to ) This is already live see feedback tab.
Access to all code written to collect data.
Data will always be free and transparent as possible
Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider my proposal.

Cdr Chaos.

A few FAQ
Q: What happens if something happens to you?
A: The DAO Eats the cost. I’ll try not to die.

Q: What happens to the server after the time elapses?
A: Most likely I will continue collecting data for the community. However It would be my choice.

Q: Will the DAO have to pay for a second server if something happens to the first one Fire / Flood ETC?
A: No it will be insured.

Q: What is to stop you from taking the money and running?
A: I am an active memeber in the community and have lots of assets. See my account @chaoscommander. I am not going anywhere.

Q: Why do you need such a powerful computer?
A: The computer would be running reports for everyone as well as collecting data. The machine needs to be capable of storing hundreds of millions of records. Just the table containing chest contents should have in excess of a half a billion records by the end of the two years not accounting for growth.

2 months ago