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Runi breeding#1396


Original Runies can breed and exchange their body parts to kids.
This way we can create lots of avatars, give utility out of game for owners and allow everyone to have a Runi.

To prevent oversupply Runikids can have only symbolic value in game (super uncompetitive stats) or no ingame utility at all, but only serve as an avatar.

Runikids are sterile (can not breed).
Breeding costs SPS and Vouchers (sinks).
Each next breeing costs exponentially more.

We will need the ability to breed with other owners.
We can limit breeing two same runies only one time to prevent spamming and hard limit max supply.

We can only allow Runi avatars for ingame use (it is not a playable card).

a year ago

This isnt axie so no. We dont need another downfall like axie

a year ago
Changed the status to
Will Not Complete
2 months ago