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Card selection logic#1388


The games card selection logic needs to be changed. I currently rent and own the same exact card. The game is choosing to play the card I own over the card that I rent. However this is not what I wanted to do because I got a really good deal for my rental and I can rent the card that I own for more than I’m paying for the rental.
Please change the game logic to play cards that are rented and/or delegated to me before cards that I own this will allow me to optimize the market.

23 days ago

if your card is on the rental market, you woont be able to play it. simple.

18 days ago

Only issue is the lock on renting cards that have played recently. Means you would have to avoid playing that card for a while until you could place it on the market. I could see the usefulness for this. Other option would be to have an alt account and send or delegate the card to that account until it’s off cooldown. It’s a lot of work and probably more of a pain that it’s worth but that may be the way to do it if you really want to optimize the market.

9 days ago