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New releases should be spread out better with advance notice#1387

I love the new stuff coming out but there was hardly any advance notice and the release dates are too close together. I can’t splurge on rift watchers because I am splurging on towers, and likewise.

Then I see an announcement today on discord about another new feature and the mentions of “discounts with vouchers” which hints at more in-game purchasing.

I’m not sure how much money the devs think that we make in month, but it’s sadly not that much! Lol

I want to hit these presales but they are so close together that I can’t justify the spending.

It makes it even harder because we need vouchers for the majority of discounts or to buy items at all (which I mainly get from staking which takes time and you need a lot of sps to really make a difference).

Food for thought! Thank you for all that you do devs.

a month ago