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Transak is garbage#1386

I waited 6 hours for SPS to come through as sometimes it takes them 1 hour or so. But then what happens is the status got changed to be refunded. But will take few days to get refunded. Asked what the reason was as they suspended my account. All they keep saying was “your account has been suspended due to internal policies and regulations.” Support was not helpful on transak side.

a month ago

Transak is garbage! Took me 3-4 months of trying off and on to get their kyc to function well enough to accept my facial scan. Then after all that, all of my transactions were declined by my financial institution because they’re not a US company. Maybe I’ll get around to that step one of these days

23 days ago

I know a handful of people that have all been suspended from Transak with little to no reason given or any means of getting the suspension lifted. Talking to their support is like talking to a wall. They need to just go away and find another blockchain to disrupt!

4 days ago