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Apply league limits to GF and Alpha tournaments#1340

Since their introduction in Regular Foil tournaments, league limits have been greatly enjoyed by players.

Thanks to this system, players who play ranked 2 leagues higher than the tournament have to pay a prohibitive entry fee if they want to enter. In practice, they will discard their right to enter the tournament at a prohibitive fee and will rather play tournaments of their respective league.
This way, players can enjoy a competitive tournament scene without having the feeling of being farmed by higher league players. No matter the league.

However, as successful as it may be for Regular Foil tournaments, this system is not used for Gold Foil and Alpha tournaments.
The consequence is that the very thing we are fighting against in Regular Foil tournaments is happening in Gold Foil and Alpha tournaments : these tournaments are farmed by high league players, especially of the Champion league.

This create two issues :
1) A sentiment of inequity between players « Why are these players allowed to farm all rewards from Bronze to (especially rewarding) Champion while all I am allowed to get is the leftovers in Bronze league » ?
2) It kills all incentive to invest into Alpha and Gold Foil cards. Why invest into such cards if you get trampled on by Champion players who built a complete deck and leave you no way of earning with your own cards ?
The result is that these tournaments are farmed by the same older players who consistently make it to the top, from Bronze to Champion, at the expense of newer players.

I hope you will support this proposal. I am sure it will make Gold Foil and Alpha tournaments more inclusive and will motivate new players to invest into such cards.
Please discuss it in the comments if you have any concern or ideas to improve it.

2 months ago

A common concern about this proposal is that some players may have something like a Bronze GF deck and a Diamond RF deck and would want to play both of them in their respective leagues.

Fortunately, with Modern/Wild, there is now a way for those players to play both tournaments. For example, they can stay in Bronze Modern for GF tournaments and rank up to Diamond Wild for RF tournaments.

2 months ago

At least if you consider the combination “gold foil” + “alpha” the limited number of cards leads to the fact that the number of participants per tournament is rather low.
If now you prevent players to join tournaments of a certain level, the numbar of participants per tournament should even decrease.

Furthermore, I don’t think being “trampled” by Champion players is such a big problem in gold foil alpha tournaments, because:

  • Most Champion League players actually don’t have good gold foil alpha card collections. So there is no real connection between the league someone plays in ranked matches and the strength of their alpha card collection. For example an account like @kobold-djawa has problems to reach Champion in ranked but is one of the most successful participants in alpha gold foil tournaments (even at the highest level).

  • Being “trampled” in an alpha gold foil tournament means most of the time to get a nice prize nevertheless in the end. So alone that should be an incentive to buy/rent alpha cards.

2 months ago