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Collection Power#1319

It would be great if we had a collection power tab within the interface where we could see the amount of collection power RENTED, aswell as the amount of collection power OWNED.

Futhermore, you could have collection power broken down within each Splinter and also perhaps a progress bar showing how much colleciton power would be required to advance into higher leagues.
As well - you could show what the CP to COST ratio is in current market pricing and let the player even know just how much it would cost them to advance in to higher leagues. It would be also nice to see the current value using market prices of a players deck. This could also encourage players to purchase cards from the card market which would, in consequence, increase the value of players assets.

At the moment, in the cards section there is a total collection power. However, this is not reliable because it includes current rentals aswell.

I have attached an example.

17 days ago