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to whom it may concern#1312

to whom it may concern, first of all i would like to say congrats to all for creating the best game splinterlands that we love so much above other games and now became the top1 game we have played. and also became the #1 source of income for our family’s needs. Many of the updates are awesome especially the many # of focus chests, the higher tier rewards system, and most especially the active focus element stays active. except this frustrating recent update: “The feature that ensured that a player’s active Element for the Daily Focus was always available has been disabled.” and the 1 day minimum renting. We are requesting to revert this option back pls. pls. pls. it consumes a lot and we cannot earn with this for the those who makes a little profit in renting per day. thank you so much. more blessings to come and godbless to the development team. thanks. -agames-godlike

a year ago
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a year ago