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Use vouchers to circumvent the staked SPS tournament entry barrier.#1200


How many players have looked at a tournament and thought yeah I’ll give that a go, just rent out the cards(or use the ones you own) only to be scuppered by the SPS staking requirements?

With the recent influx of another 20k vouchers per day into the ecosystem and limited voucher use cases is this not a golden opportunity to add one?

Tournament participation would increase, card sales and rentals could potentially increase, voucher price could potentially increase too.

Furthermore increased tournament participation would lead to more coverage/advertising of the game through word of mouth and the community at large on social media and our own splinterlands tv channel with the potential to increase viewership substantially.

Thx for reading, just a thought.

4 days ago

so you want to buy vouchers but not sps? lol

3 days ago