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ui experience#1195

I really feel that the user experience is lacking.
Currently the website feels flat and doesnt give people a feeling that they are going into a world called splinterlands.
to pull the user into the experience of splinterlands, I feel it needs to start with the home page, then each page has to have a story on its own. Just like a high end video games, the home page is a overview of the map you will be exploring.
starting with a map of splinterlands, and then you will click on the buildings that will take you to the page you want to be, that will make you feel like your having a battle mage experience.

  • a Battlefield on the map that will be where you click to go into ranked battles. there will be a soldier standing at the gates, waiting for you to click “battle”, with a leader board sign on the side, that will navigate you to the season leader board. and a small table on the side that you can click to show you paat battles.
  • a castle for the guilds, then you click on the castle and it goes into the guild room, where theres a medieval room with a items around the room that navigates to other pages the guild players will need to. like a large table in the center of the room, you click on the table and it will show a map of a battle field. each area of the map is the different frays the player can chose.
  • the market place being aladin style market place that you feel like your trading with market venders and audions etc. there will a guys called “ariff” whos been a standing at his shop for years.
  • a coliseum for arena battles. with a over looking caser character that decides which tournaments will be happening in the next week.

by adding a character to a page, will feel like your having a interaction with someone. it gives story and lore to every page and navigation to the experience of splinterlands.

this doesnt need animations, it just need more indepth art work per page.

this is just my suggestion. the text is secondary to the experience of the visuals and the connections to characters in splinterlands.

5 days ago