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An ever rising floor price for SPS with the possiblity of dividends payout.#1117

Allocate a % of all transaction fees to the SPS foundation to create a ever rising floor.

E.g 1% of all transaction fees (market purchases within the game) on splinterlands will be converted to USD equivalent and held by the treasury. This creates a rising floor for SPS as long as the game thrives.

Future dividends can be declared and distributed once the treasury has grown to a substiantial amount and sps holders can vote to have like an annual/bi-annual dividend issuance.

a year ago

Probably makes it a security which means the SEC will try and shut it all down.

a year ago

I believe there will be smart ways to work around it

a year ago

Might have to wait until the DAO / Foundation is completely severed from Steem Monsters Corp entity – at that time, for sure!

a year ago