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Revisit Brawl Frays to make it more inclusive for everyone#1094

The current selection of frays in brawls is not really geared towards the current community.

1 - The number of gold foil frays is too high.
3 gold foil frays in tier 1, 4 gold foil frays in tier 2, 5 gold foil frays in tier 3 is simply too much.
I understand that you want to encourage people to build gold foil decks, but asking for 3 gold foil decks in new/lower leveled guilds is simply too much. Numbers have shown that the average fill rate for those frays is less than 50%.
Even for top guilds, 5 gold foil decks (in tier 3) is a lot to ask.

I suggest reducing the amount of gold foil frays in all tiers.

2 - The number of Wild frays in tier 3 (and probably 4 and 5, haven’t checked those) is too high.
People are mainly building CL decks these days. the people that have extra money to spend, might be adding Untamed.

Having absolutely 0 CL-only frays in tier 3 makes no sense to me.

Guilds without OG players, will never be able to move to tier 3 if the current list of frays is not changed.

I suggest changing a couple of All Edition frays into CL-only frays, to cater to the current player base.

10 months ago

Tier 3 itself is not the problem.
Whole system need to be redesigned. See discussion in #brawls.

10 months ago

Automatic down- and uptiering based on your last or seasons last brawl results is the way to go imo. Frays should be “beginnerfriendlier” aswell though.

10 months ago

A fray proposal per tier is posted in the ‘fray suggestion’ thread in the Brawls channel on Discord. Feel free to come over and discuss

10 months ago

hi I’m new to splinterlands and I don’t have many gold foil cards at the moment

2 months ago