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Revisit Brawl Frays to make it more inclusive for everyone#1094

The current selection of frays in brawls is not really geared towards the current community.

1 - The number of gold foil frays is too high.
3 gold foil frays in tier 1, 4 gold foil frays in tier 2, 5 gold foil frays in tier 3 is simply too much.
I understand that you want to encourage people to build gold foil decks, but asking for 3 gold foil decks in new/lower leveled guilds is simply too much. Numbers have shown that the average fill rate for those frays is less than 50%.
Even for top guilds, 5 gold foil decks (in tier 3) is a lot to ask.

I suggest reducing the amount of gold foil frays in all tiers.

2 - The number of Wild frays in tier 3 (and probably 4 and 5, haven’t checked those) is too high.
People are mainly building CL decks these days. the people that have extra money to spend, might be adding Untamed.

Having absolutely 0 CL-only frays in tier 3 makes no sense to me.

Guilds without OG players, will never be able to move to tier 3 if the current list of frays is not changed.

I suggest changing a couple of All Edition frays into CL-only frays, to cater to the current player base.

9 days ago

Tier 3 itself is not the problem.
Whole system need to be redesigned. See discussion in #brawls.

9 days ago

Automatic down- and uptiering based on your last or seasons last brawl results is the way to go imo. Frays should be “beginnerfriendlier” aswell though.

9 days ago

A fray proposal per tier is posted in the ‘fray suggestion’ thread in the Brawls channel on Discord. Feel free to come over and discuss

5 days ago