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Time Limit on Reward Cards:#1088


I think the reward cards should not have a limit on number but rather a limit on time. I would like to see something like a new set of 7-10 reward cards every 3 months.
This would seem like a lot of work for the team as they seem to be interested in making cards all unique as possible, they seem to be make a lot of work for themselves to come up with new ideas players like and to make sure it is not OP.
Take URAEUS for example one reward that will be around for a year or more. I use it in most of my battle but once you have it at the level you want there is a lot of sell pressure as is can be used in every splinter. If every reward card had a different splinter a fire URAEUS, water URAEUS ETC but you could only get a fire URAEUS for 3 months and then you would have to buy it. This would introduce more cards to the market but they would all be rarer.
You would make the cards even rarer still by introducing a summer and winter version (For example A Winter Water URAEUS). URAEUS with 12 different styles this would take 4 years for the full URAEUS card set to be released.
Rarer cards but not meta changing, players like to play in different splinters and the same stat card will still be different in different splinters. For example a fire URAEUS would be better than a earth URAEUS at the moment.
This would work for a lot of the reward cards with have now a ‘Water VENARI CRYSTALSMITH ‘ or a ‘Fire PELACOR BANDIT’.

13 days ago

Fire Pelacor Fanned It lololol

I agree though. I haven’t had much incentive to buy packs/cards for a while now and I’m already drowning in the current reward cards

13 days ago

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Yer I guess I am not winning any awards for the name.
I think changing the stats is not a big issue at all, Take Pokemon go for example Pikachu is Pikachu but give him a baseball cap or a Christmas hat and everyone goes out again and wants that one too. So like that for one month this summer you could get a PELACOR BANDIT with sun glasses. It is the same card so it is little work for the creative and development team but it is new and fresh, and would be great for the market. Or a reward card that has a Christmas hat and you can only get it in December. You can take it as far as you like. A version for every splinter, Hat version, summer, winter, a lucky version for St Patrick’s day, an LGBT version ETC…

13 days ago