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Better warning of maintenance mode starting#1047

I’d LOVE to see a more comprehensive warning system for incoming maintenance mode. As it is (30 min banner warning… maybe a 10 min as well?) is helpful but way too easy to miss, esp if you’re not looking at your screen in when the banners pop up (multitasking, not logged in etc)
Might I suggest:

  • new warning banner upon login from 30 min on with maintenance timer info
  • countdown clock that pops up on the menu bar at 30 min warning and stays up until maintenance mode starts
    -add 5, 2, 1 min warning banners
    -possibly a way to finish and queue a team submission for a tourney or brawl if you happen to be entering it when maintenance mode starts
a month ago

this is a great idea. I’d also suggest that 5 minutes before planned maintenance, you prevent players from entering any new matches, but they can finish one they’ve started before the 5 minute window. (in practice similar to how season end works)

4 days ago